Nailed IT or Not

Nailed IT or Not!

Yup I am that Mom, loud and proud in the stands cheering for my kids and their team mates and making them treats. Yup, I am that Mom the one who goes all out for my kids treats for teams, parties, Holidays, and Birthdays. Unfortunately I did not get the decorating talent from my Mom and Grandfather, but I still try. Sometimes they turn out awesome and other times they are a mess. I will just give you a few examples of the good, bad, and in between.

My kids love Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. I have had my fair share of failed attempts with them tipping over while they bake. Then a couple of years ago a friend introduced me to the baking racks made for them. Nailed it!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Last Easter I was so excited when I found mold for dipped Oreos. Well, as you can see one the left is what they were supposed to look like and on the right is how they turned out. Nailed it, NOT!!!!

Chick Oreos

My son asked me for Jersey Cookies for his team treats, They didn’t look exactly like his Jersey, but each teammate got a cookie in the team colors with their own number on them. Almost Nailed it!Jersey Cookies

Two weeks ago, my son asked me to do sticks with pretzel rods drizzled with his team colors and pucks from Ding Dongs for his team treats. After spending two days dipping, drizzling, shaping, and dipping, my son said, “they look awesome, but I just meant dipped pretzel rods drizzled with my team colors.” They turned out cute, but man they were a lot of work. Totally over thought this one!

Edible Sticks and Pucks

Gratefully, regardless of what they look like, my children love them and so do their friends and teammates! I know know matter what they look like they will taste good and most of the time the kids don’t even pay attention to what they look like,

So where ever you fall between Nailing It or Not, just keep trying!




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