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Ruth's Diner

Ruth’s Diner

Ruth’s Diner is a Utah landmark as the second oldest restaurant in Utah founded in 1930. It began as Ruth’s Hamburgers in downtown Salt Lake City in the Meredith Building at 120 East Second South. After many years the building she was in was sold and demolished. So she bought a Salt Lake Trolley car and moved it up Emigration Canyon where she reopened in 1949. In 1977 Ruth sold the Diner to Curtis Oberhansly who operated in until 2001. Ruth’s Legacy is now carried on by owners Tracy and Erik Nelson who have been associated with the Diner for many years.

Our family has celebrated special occasions at Ruth’s Diner for as long as I can remember. We just celebrate our oldest’s High School Graduation there. It was as fantastic as ever. We love the Biscuits so much they where gone before we could get a picture of them.

You can check more pictures on their website.

There is nothing we have had over the years that we did not enjoy. Their Breakfast menu is our favorite.

Ruth’s Diner Restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives season 5 episode Places You Sent Me