Canadian Snacks and Confections

We were able to visit Alberta and British Columbia last week. Joseph was born in Calgary, so it was an opportunity for him to share his childhood with us. Our children and I now understand why Joseph misses candies, cookies, and chips from his childhood. Here are just a sample of some of the things we tried and fell in love with.

We have had the opportunity to try some of them prior to our trip, but others we tried for the first time while there.

Old Dutch Chips are amazing. Dill Pickle, Ketchup, Bacon, and Salt n Vinegar are our favorites. Popcorn Twists are also a tasty snacks.

Wagon Wheels and Viva Puffs are AMAZING!!!  I wish we would have bought more to bring home. . Canadian Oreos are so much better then the American version. All Dare brand cookies are off the charts in my book.

Tigertail Ice Cream is something Joseph has missed. It is Orange Ice Cream with Licorice Ribbons in it to resemble a Tiger. I was not so sure about it, but I was awesome. I now understand why he missed it.

We all have different candy favorites ranging from Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Mr. Big, Aeros, and Canadian Kit Kats. They have amazing black licorice candies like black licorice jarbreakers, licorice babies, and Bassets. There red licorice nibs and ropes are also very good.

We also enjoyed Butter Tarts and Pecan Tarts which I will be trying to duplicate. My favorite came from the Bun King Bakery which is where we also got Nanaimo Bars which I will also be working on the recipe for. (I have the recipe Joseph’s family uses, but I now want to play with it.)

Luckily, we did enough hiking and walking on our trip that all of the extra snacking did not add up to weigh gain.

We were able to bring some of our favorites back and we will be savoring them over the next year.

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